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Wait What Game Design Episode 3: we should get engaged.

In this episode we discuss how to fill your household with games and try to find ways to engage a player through various forms of media.

Vertex 2: how to be a game artist.

Vertex 2, the sequel to, you guessed it, Vertex 1, has officially been released, and yet again the book features the best of the best in the game industry. If you’re not familiar with the Vertex books yet, it’s a series of free art books that showcase the very best game art in the world, founded by Ryan Hawkins and Emil Mujanovic, and edited by Ryan Hawkins and Derek Burris. Vertex 1 released back in 2012, immediately gathering a large following in the professional world. It also gathered fame with game and art enthusiasts all over the world, so it’s safe to say some people were holding their breaths until the sequel’s release.

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The Gamedev Cast plays: Rust – Episode 1

This is Episode 1 of a Let’s Play series in which the Gamedev Cast crew examines Rust, a first-person survival/exploration game currently on Early Access, in which we take some prepared steps into the world of Rust, where you have to survive on an island littered with radioactive villages filled with zombies. It looks like a mix between DayZ and Minecraft, so we decided to look into it ourselves. First impressions: very positive.

Indie Game of the Week 06-17-2013

Indie Game of the week, week of June 17th 2013:

Broken Earth

Broken Earth is a top-down shooter game built on the Unity Engine, and is being created by teamINOV. Especially worth mentioning is that the audio for this game is being worked on by Jamie Lewis, the awesome composer who made our soundtrack!

Very cool about this project is how they have managed to create a grand art style, while still maintaining that typical artistic feel most indie games have.

Tune in some time this week for an exclusive interview with the developers!

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