We played Warframe for a bit, here’s what we think.

I played Warframe with Wiktor the other day, and we streamed most of it, the video of which you can find embedded below.
I also think that this is a good opportunity to share some of our thoughts on the game, so here goes:

In short, Warframe is lots of fun. The whole experience is designed to feel fluid, and it certainly does. It has gorgeous graphics on top of near-infinite customization options which, combined with the deep modularity of the environment design, comes with an incredible replayability that is not often seen in games. While it’s true that it does feel repetitive at times, and the story is pretty much non-existent, the gameplay makes up for whatever it may lack on other fronts.

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Episode 19: 2013 recap!

Mattias and Wiktor are joined by Jason as they sit down together to discuss the year 2013 in game development.
We touch on every subject from the new hardware being released, to the new software, and how we think all of this is going to affect us as developers, and the industry at large.
We also discuss where we think the industry should head to next, a topic which brings up some interesting things we’ve seen that the indie scene has brought with it.

Here’s the direct download, if the audio player isn’t working for you:

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The Gamedev Cast plays: Rust – Episode 1

This is Episode 1 of a Let’s Play series in which the Gamedev Cast crew examines Rust, a first-person survival/exploration game currently on Early Access, in which we take some prepared steps into the world of Rust, where you have to survive on an island littered with radioactive villages filled with zombies. It looks like a mix between DayZ and Minecraft, so we decided to look into it ourselves. First impressions: very positive.
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Episode 14 – Industry Harassment, Gamescom and nostalgia

TheGameDevCast Episode 14 – Industry Harassment, Gamescom and nostalgia.

Mattias and Wiktor are joined by Tanner Kalstrom and Matt Sawyer as they talk about developer harassment in the industry, the upcoming Gamescom trade show in Germany, and we revel in nostalgia as we reminisce about technology that you had to beat with a hammer to get working.

note: in the recording, Mattias states that Phil Fish’s argument on twitter took place between him and Manveer Heir. This was incorrect: the argument took place between Phil Fish and Marcus Beer.

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