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Wait What Game Design Episode 3: we should get engaged.

In this episode we discuss how to fill your household with games and try to find ways to engage a player through various forms of media.
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Episode 22: GDC Special!

In Episode 22 of the podcast, Mattias is joined by Joe “Earthqk” Wilson and Mira Karouta to talk about GDC, what went on there, and how they experienced all of it. We also answer some audience questions about the impact of PBR on the texturing workflow, and about the new generation of cheap but powerful game engines that have been released in the past month.

This is the website Mattias is talking about at the end of the podcast:

And this is Mira’s amazing businesscard:

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Exclusive Reveal: Chess 2: The Sequel

Ludeme Games Official page for Chess 2:

Podcast host Mattias Van Camp and guest Zachary Burns from Ludeme Games get together in this exclusive first gameplay reveal for Chess 2: The Sequel.
In the video, Mattias and Zac get together to play three games of Chess 2, both sides using different setups:
Mattias will be playing the game using the “Empowered” setup, and Zachary will be playing using the “Two Kings” setup.

What this means, will be explained in the video, but for those of you who wish to have some prior information, here’s the short version:

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Episode 14 – Industry Harassment, Gamescom and nostalgia

TheGameDevCast Episode 14 – Industry Harassment, Gamescom and nostalgia.

Mattias and Wiktor are joined by Tanner Kalstrom and Matt Sawyer as they talk about developer harassment in the industry, the upcoming Gamescom trade show in Germany, and we revel in nostalgia as we reminisce about technology that you had to beat with a hammer to get working.

note: in the recording, Mattias states that Phil Fish’s argument on twitter took place between him and Manveer Heir. This was incorrect: the argument took place between Phil Fish and Marcus Beer.

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