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Wait What Game Design Episode 5: This is just a test

Now that we have a couple of ideas under our belts, we go looking for ways to turn this ideas into prototypes. What are some of the tools that we can use to quickly suss out if an idea is worth pursuing or not?

The Right Questions To Ask, from Marmoset’s Joe Wilson

This post was originally made by Joe “EarthQuake” Wilson on Polycount.

I want to talk about the common questions and misconceptions inexperienced artists have, either when they start working towards becoming an artists or when they join internet communities. This is a culmination of advice I’ve given to people over the years and really, a bunch of stuff I wish someone would have told me when I started out.

That’s cool, what software did you use?

This is something you may want to say; however, it’s akin to asking a photographer what camera they use, or an architect which ruler they use. It implies that the reason something is impressive is because of the tools they use, not the talent they have nor the effort they put in.

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A reflection on Early Access

Early Access has been around for a while now, and we’ve seen a number of success stories pass the review, with games such as Prison Architect, Audiosurf 2 and the somewhat bigger Godus kicking up quite a lot of dust. Reviewers flock to review games that haven’t been finished yet, gamers throw their money at unfinished products, and in the meantime the games’ developers have a revenue stream to keep developing until they can finish the game, without ending up in financial trouble on the way, or at least minimizing the risk of doing so.

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Introducing: The Gamedev Cast

We’ve had some things in store for a while now, and we’re finally ready to show off some of it, so with the new year (and our one year anniversary approaching in April), we would like to begin by introducing you to some of our plans for the website, including of course, the podcast itself.