The Right Questions To Ask, from Marmoset’s Joe Wilson

This post was originally made by Joe “EarthQuake” Wilson on Polycount.

I want to talk about the common questions and misconceptions inexperienced artists have, either when they start working towards becoming an artists or when they join internet communities. This is a culmination of advice I’ve given to people over the years and really, a bunch of stuff I wish someone would have told me when I started out.

That’s cool, what software did you use?

This is something you may want to say; however, it’s akin to asking a photographer what camera they use, or an architect which ruler they use. It implies that the reason something is impressive is because of the tools they use, not the talent they have nor the effort they put in.

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Vertex 2: how to be a game artist.

Vertex 2, the sequel to, you guessed it, Vertex 1, has officially been released, and yet again the book features the best of the best in the game industry. If you’re not familiar with the Vertex books yet, it’s a series of free art books that showcase the very best game art in the world, founded by Ryan Hawkins and Emil Mujanovic, and edited by Ryan Hawkins and Derek Burris. Vertex 1 released back in 2012, immediately gathering a large following in the professional world. It also gathered fame with game and art enthusiasts all over the world, so it’s safe to say some people were holding their breaths until the sequel’s release.

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