Marmoset, Quixel and Polycount are doing a PBR contest, and we’re here to answer your questions on it!

On Sunday, June 14th, at 8pm GMT +2, we’re partnering up with Marmoset Co., Quixel and Polycount to promote the launch of their PBR contest, with a special PBR-dedicated podcast episode. The concept is simple: send us your questions, and we’ll answer them during the episode! The guest list will include a panel of professional game developers from within the industry, and we’ll focus on the topic of PBR, the misconceptions surrounding it, and the basic ground rules of the technique. We’ll also show some great examples of PBR art done right, and analyse what was done right. Then throughout the episode, we’ll answer user-submitted questions that you can send to us at the link below:

You can submit your questions here:

The episode will have a panel of professional guests, including Andy “Metalliandy” Davies, Joe “EarthQuake” Wilson, Lee “Almighty_Gir” Devonald, and Mark “marks” Sneddon. They’ll answer any question you have about PBR, and will discuss the topic of PBR in general throughout the episode as well. So fire away! Let us know what you’ve always wondered about Physically-Based Rendering, and we’ll make sure you go home happy.