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episode 24: Social Value

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In this, episode 24 of the Gamedev Cast, host Mattias is joined by Thomas Pottie and special guest Dr. Dmitri Williams ( PhD ) to talk about the elusive subject of Social Value. In short, Social Value is the measurable value of a person ( player or otherwise ) in dollars or hours, that person has pertaining to a specific product. In other words, a player with a high amount of social value is worth a lot of money to that game, but not by spending a lot of money. Instead, these so-called “social whales” influence other people in a way that is positive to the game, either by getting them to spend more money on in-game content, or to continue their subscription. We go into this quite deeply in the podcast itself, so have a listen!

host: Mattias Van Camp
guest: Dr. Dmitri Williams ( PhD )
guest: Thomas Pottie