From Concept to Kickstarter

Developing games has traditionally been a group activity. People with different specializations come together to grind away the countless man hours required to produce a digital game.

Marmoset, Quixel and Polycount are doing a PBR contest, and we’re here to answer your questions on it!

On Sunday, June 14th, at 8pm GMT +2, we’re partnering up with Marmoset Co., Quixel and Polycount to promote the launch of their PBR contest, with a special PBR-dedicated podcast episode. The concept is simple: send us your questions, and we’ll answer them during the episode! The guest list will include a panel of professional game developers from within the industry, and we’ll focus on the topic of PBR, the misconceptions surrounding it, and the basic ground rules of the technique. We’ll also show some great examples of PBR art done right, and analyse what was done right. Then throughout the episode, we’ll answer user-submitted questions that you can send to us at the link below:

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We played Warframe for a bit, here’s what we think.

I played Warframe with Wiktor the other day, and we streamed most of it, the video of which you can find embedded below.
I also think that this is a good opportunity to share some of our thoughts on the game, so here goes:

In short, Warframe is lots of fun. The whole experience is designed to feel fluid, and it certainly does. It has gorgeous graphics on top of near-infinite customization options which, combined with the deep modularity of the environment design, comes with an incredible replayability that is not often seen in games. While it’s true that it does feel repetitive at times, and the story is pretty much non-existent, the gameplay makes up for whatever it may lack on other fronts.

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A reflection on Early Access

Early Access has been around for a while now, and we’ve seen a number of success stories pass the review, with games such as Prison Architect, Audiosurf 2 and the somewhat bigger Godus kicking up quite a lot of dust. Reviewers flock to review games that haven’t been finished yet, gamers throw their money at unfinished products, and in the meantime the games’ developers have a revenue stream to keep developing until they can finish the game, without ending up in financial trouble on the way, or at least minimizing the risk of doing so.

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